By Amira Hasan - 31st July 2020

Intalekt Music: “Break Culture.”

South London based Producer, DJ and Radio Host Intalekt is best known for his electronic-come-soulful instrumentals. Having a passion for music at an early age and going on to study music production in both college and university, Intalekt is an artist both by nature and hard work. 


His artistry can be seen and heard through his own music as well as others: as a radio host at Reprezent; a DJ; one half of the duo Billy Dukes; the founder of School of Bop, a production workshop; and having been streamed over 1 million times on Spotify over a one year period alone. When he’s not creating his own music you’ll find him working on tracks with other artists, prepping for live performances and radio shows or fine tuning his piano skills.

“Hopefully [I am] someone people can look to and can see some of themselves in me. 

Not so much appearance but the rawness, freeness.”

Being seen in the music industry as a person of colour is no easy feat, particularly as it fosters a ‘cash cow’ approach. As a POC you are perceived as “cool” and that is what sells. Intalekt navigates this by ensuring a long lasting impact on others. Sharing his knowledge and industry presence by running production workshops for teens and young adults or collaborating with government-led schemes in London boroughs are his most notable projects to date.

Inspired by his “tribe” and people he admires in the music industry, Intalekt draws on the memories and experiences he has had to create his art. His music has a sense of relatability - it leaves behind a sound which people can create their own memories from. In adopting this approach, he has established the foundation for a legacy of his own. A legacy where he has broken the culture POC experience in the music industry and one where he becomes a part of the soundtrack in people's lives. 

Join us for an exclusive Q&A with Intalekt where the artist discusses the notion of being seen both personally and professionally as he shares with us the legacy of which he hopes to build. 

How did you become comfortable with your own creative eye to be confident in your art?

By releasing the art to the world and having others tell me how the art made them feel or what  part of the art they would gravitate towards.


How did you build your skillset? Did you pursue an education in this creative field?

I studied music production in college and in university. In college is where I [learned how] to use music software and University was where I learnt more of the business side of it.

When was the first time you remember seeing yourself?

I would really say the last 2 or 3 years is when I really saw myself, but I think that's a constant thing for me til’ this day.

“As all humans, we want to be seen doing something of value to others, can sound vain but it goes to being wanted.”

What does feeling seen mean to you?

Being seen is a blessing, especially in this time where everything is so fast paced and people are digesting content at a rapid rate. [Being seen] means, someone has really taken the time to really take interest, especially as my art isn't straight forward.


Besides you being an artist, are there other moments when you look back over your life that were critical for shaping you into the person you are today, personally and professionally?

Recently losing my grandfather has made me realise a lot about where I come from and how important legacy is - how people will remember you and for what reasons.

What is the legacy that you're trying to build? And what do you hope to leave behind with your work?


I just want to leave behind a sound that people can hold memories of, whether good or bad. Memories to learn from, memories of loved ones – here or gone. I wanna do the same thing my personal greats have done for me over the years: become [apart] of the soundtrack to peoples lives.


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You can also find Intalekt Music through his instagram @intalektmusic and facebook @INTALEKTMUSIC and also through all music streaming services.